This is Your Year: Why You Should Choose Recovery in 2022

28 Jan, 2022
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Many people who suffer from addiction have a desire to get better, but they just don’t know how to or why they should. There are numerous obstacles in the path of recovery and it’s not unusual to feel intimated and even scared of what comes next. Maybe you feel like this, and that’s totally okay. Addiction treatment is indeed a challenging process that requires your honest effort. However, the rewards waiting for you on the other side of treatment will be well worth it.

This article will discuss various obstacles that could prevent a person from getting treated for a substance use disorder and a simple tip to get yourself moving towards getting treatment. Read more to learn why you should choose recovery in 2022.

The Prevalence of Substance Abuse in the U.S. as of 2019

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) conducts a survey called the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). The latest survey from 2019 estimated that approximately 20.4 million people in the age group 12 or older had a SUD in the past year. About 14.5 million individuals had an alcohol use disorder and 8.3 million had an illicit drug use disorder.

How Many People Need & Recieve Treatment?

The researchers also collected data on two factors: the need and receipt for substance abuse treatment.

SAMSHA defined a person as needing treatment if they had an SUD during the past year or if they received treatment at a specialty facility during the past year. The results showed that about 21.6 million people needed substance use treatment in the past year. The highest need – or percentage – was among individuals in the 18-25 age group.

The survey also collected information on how many people received substance use treatment in a specialty facility in the past year. This included treatment in a hospital as an inpatient, a drug or alcohol treatment center as an inpatient/outpatient, or a mental health center. Among the 21.6 million people who needed treatment, only about 2.6 million of them received treatment at a specialty facility in the past year.

Many continue to battle addiction, not knowing there is effective treatment available to them.

Reasons for Not Getting Treatment for Addiction

Why do some people seek out help but others don’t? The survey sought to answer this question by asking individuals (who felt they needed treatment) why they didn’t pursue it at a specialty facility. According to the data, three reasons prevailed:

  • not being ready to stop using (39.9%),
  • not knowing where to go for treatment (23.8%)
  • having no health care coverage and not being able to afford the cost of treatment (20.9%)

Individuals struggling with addiction may not pursue treatment for other reasons as well. They may have intense feelings of shame about their use, guilt about the pain they’ve caused their family, or fear about opening themselves up to vulnerability. Some may worry about how much time treatment will take and how this will impact their career and family. Others may be totally unaware of the negative health consequences of substance abuse or fear withdrawal symptoms.

Look Up Treatment Centers & Just Call

The good news is, there are ways to overcome most of these concerns. If you have a substance use disorder or an addiction, perhaps you have some interest in getting treated. Even if you’re not sure what you want to do, it’s okay. By doing a quick and easy search online for a treatment center in your city or state and giving them a call, you can start exploring the idea of treatment.

If you’re worried about wasting their time or asking silly questions, don’t be. Treatment centers are expecting people like you to reach out and ask about how they can help. It’s their life’s work to help individuals overcome this illness.

When you have them on the phone, ask about what addictions they treat and what kind of services they have. For example, you may need medical detox. Find out your options for paying the cost of treatment. There may be public assistance and insurance packages to assist you. You can also ask to speak with a clinician over the phone to find out what are the reasonable expectations of going through treatment.

Importantly, if you know anyone who needs help, talk to them and let them know they do have options. Share what you’ve learned. Treatment is not as far out of reach as many believe.

Find Compassionate Care Today

No matter what you are going through, you will always have options. Addiction is a serious disease of the brain that makes it challenging to do anything besides using substances and seeking out more. Once trapped in this vicious cycle, it is unlikely that you will be able to pull yourself out of it without professional help. By taking that initial step and calling a treatment center, you can make 2022 your year. You have the power to change everything.

The path to addiction recovery can be a rocky one. Many individuals never even make it to treatment and continue to battle addiction without clinical help. Some choose not to pursue treatment because they are unaware of how to go about doing so or because they think they can’t afford it. Others are just not ready to give up drugs and alcohol. At Sober Life, we understand exactly where you are coming from. Many of us have lived through the ups and downs of addiction and we want you to know you are not alone in this endeavor. We provide a number of services to help rid you of your condition and start a new chapter. No one said overcoming addiction would be easy, but with effective treatment and an experienced, compassionate team who gets it, you can do it. Change your life with a quick phone call: (619) 542-9542. We’ll be waiting to hear from you! 

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