Take The Next Step With An Adolescent IOP At Sober Life

Our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program picks up where your Inpatient Program left off. Make sure your loved one stays lifted and supported through sobriety with our expert team at Sober Life San Diego.

Break Free For Good

If your teen is due to be discharged from a detox center, teen drug rehab or inpatient rehabilitation program, you might feel unequipped to be the barrier between them and potential relapse.

To ensure a successful recovery, an adolescent can’t be left unsupported to struggle through the early stages of sober life. They need a community that cares and professional resources from both those who know and those who have worked their entire lives to understand.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of providing capable and informed care for your family member during the next step to lasting sobriety, allow us to show you the way. Give your family the opportunity to break free from the devastation of substance abuse at Sober Life San Diego.

Who Is Adolescent IOP For?

Our program is designed for teens aged 14 to 17 of any gender identification who are seeking substance abuse treatment in the San Diego area. When you or your family member chooses to continue your journey with Sober Life you can expect:


Support right out of inpatient rehab with increased access to the sober living community


Resources to help rebuild your life and carefully repair relationships with family and friends


3 to 5 office visits a week tailored to your schedule


An IOP lasting 3 months before moving down to a traditional outpatient program

Your Day To Day Reinvented

We designed our program to grant you or loved one a proven blend of independence and sustained outside aid. If a partial hospitalization program seems too stifling, or you don’t have room to put your responsibilities on pause, our Intensive Outpatient Program is the answer. Get back to your day to day while holding onto the resources that free your teen from drug abuse keep them clean. Sober Life’s IOP isn’t just sober living, it’s living while sober.


Sober Life San Diego knows that family is a major factor in a patient’s successful transition from drug addiction to a clean lifestyle, especially when the client is an adolescent. Our experienced staff is trained to put the right emphasis on individual and family therapy with the hope that everyone can heal and support one another. Designed to rebuild lives and restore family harmony, Sober Life San Diego is the family-focused choice for outpatient sober living.

More Than A Service

Our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program looks at the whole patient. We know you are more than your addiction, that’s why we strive to offer individualized care with your goals and visions of a sober life in mind.

 This is more than drug rehab for teens; our focus on experiential exercises produces enlightened, emotional responses that lead to breakthroughs in limiting old behavior so you can get back to being you. If you or your loved one are ready for the kind of specialized support that sticks, make a change today with Sober Life San Diego. 

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