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At Sober Life Treatment Center San Diego, we provide trusted and quality recovery solutions, easily accessible for everyone.

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6th Time’s a Charm!

“It is my sixth time going to treatment and I was not really confident that anything was actually going to change from the moment I called them. I felt at ease and comfortable. I am so grateful for what they’ve created because it saved my life and.”


I can get my Life Back

“I have been to treatment and drug rehab is consistently over the last eight years of my life. I started working with Roman about seven months ago as my coach and now I’m coming up on 10 months sober and finally feeling like I can get my life back.”


Exactly What I Needed

“I absolutely love sober life. I had already been to nearly every center in San Diego and knew what to expect. I knew I needed something different but didn’t know where to look. Sober life is exactly what I needed. Today I have a freedom that I have never known before and it’s thanks to what they are doing here.”


Addiction Recovery

PHP / IOP / Outpatient

Alcohol & substance abuse treatment services.

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Mental Health

PHP / IOP / Outpatient

Psychiatry, med-management, & mental health treatment services.

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Ready to Make a Change?

We help people beat addiction by changing the way they see it.
Discover why our innovative approach was featured on FOX News

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