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“I Will Forever Be Grateful”



I’ve been in and out of treatment for the past 15 years, and it wasn’t until I started at Sober Life Recovery that I met the most caring and welcoming staff. The program is thorough and the groups are never repetitive, and are mediated by understanding and compassionate mental health professionals. The accountability, structure, group and individual therapy along with one on one with attentive case managers were exactly what I needed in order to get a life I never imagined possible. I will forever be grateful for Sober Life and the incredible staff that all played a huge part in saving my life. I would recommend Sober Life to anyone struggling with mental health or alcohol and drug dependency.

“It Saved My Life”



I graduated Sober Life last month (July 2021) after almost 4 months. I went straight into the program after finishing my eating disorder treatment, and it saved my life. I cannot express my gratitude for Sober Life enough. I would not be where I am today, surrounded by the people I am, and most definitely I would not be sober, without this program. Sober Life has such a special place in my heart, and always will. To all the staff, I love love you all and to all of the patients currently in the program or thinking about taking that step, you can do this!!! Your recovery is worth it and Sober Life has got your back the whole way.

“Exactly What I Needed”



I absolutely love sober life. I just finished detox and was getting ready to leave my Residential when I started looking for IOP. I had already been to nearly every center in San Diego and knew what to expect. I knew I needed something different but didn’t know where to look. That’s when I saw Roman and Brian on Instagram. I thought they were doing and what they were creating and I knew what I needed to go there. Their passion and fire for life was motivating and I called them. I’m so glad that I did. Sober life is exactly what I needed. They helped me to figure out what I want in life and got me excited about the future. Today I have a freedom that I have never known before and it’s thanks to what they are doing here. If you need treatment and you are tired of the same type of places, hit these guys up.

“Can’t Say Enough”



The combination of groups and one on one therapy were exactly the structure I needed to get myself connected to a sober support system again. After completion I continued with AA and Smart Recovery as well as the Alumni program at Sober Life. I really can’t say enough about how much it meant to my early recovery to have the relationship with Sober Life going, because I do not think I would have gotten myself into treatment or stayed sober to this day had they not been there to answer my call.

“Strong Support Group”



I am a graduate/Sober Life Recovery Alumni! This program along with all of the staff provided me with the knowledge of myself and my disease of addiction. With new life tools and a strong support group, I’m now able to face life on life’s terms and live a happy successful life! If you have problems with drugs and alcohol, depression, anxiety, PTSD or anything of that nature, then give the amazing staff at Sober Life a call and give them the chance to love you until you can learn to love yourself again. THANK YOU SOBER LIFE RECOVERY!

“Helped Me to Save My Own Life”



When one understands a problem is bigger than oneself, help is needed. I found that help at Sober Life. The care, the information, the insights… they helped me to save my own life. I can not tell you how hard it is to go through what I have, but I know it would have been impossible to do alone. What I found in the program was the strength, knowledge and courage to love myself again.

“The Safe Harbor I Needed”



Sober Life and its staff were the safe harbor I needed to jumpstart my recovery. They have an amazing team of dedicated people that really go out of their way to make sure that you are taken care of. The location downtown is very central and easy to find right off the freeway. I would 100% recommend Sober Life if you are looking for an outpatient in San Diego.

“Set Me Up for Success”



Sober Life has some of the most caring, supportive, and intelligent employees I’ve ever met. They helped set me up for success, more than any other program I’ve been in. They helped me figure out who I was, and really get to the core of some of my issues. Thank you guys for everything you’ve done for me, I love y’all so much.

“Sober, Happy and Successful”



Sober Life Recovery has changed my life forever. I struggled with alcoholism, addiction and depression for a total of 17 years, ultimately seeking help for 12 years. After countless AA meetings, therapy sessions and rehab, I felt hopeless. Thankfully I was referred to Sober Life by a family friend. With a mixture of group therapy, family therapy (which is optional) and one on one therapy, Sober Life gave me the tools I need to live a sober, happy and successful life.

Video testimonials from Sober Life Alumni

Video Testimonials from former patients

Video Testimonials from former patients

Video Testimonials from former patients

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