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It is my sixth time going to treatment and I was not really confident that anything was actually going to change from the moment I called them I felt at ease and comfortable I knew I had to go to their program when I stepped foot in the office for the first time I was in shock I have never seen anything like what they have created in downtown San Diego it feels like a clubhouse for young people in recovery and that’s what it is the actual program is different too we go out into the community to have groups and learn about living life sober I am so grateful for what they’ve created because it saved my life and I know they are going to help so many other people. Listen you have to call them today they always say it’s more than recovery it’s a way of life are used to laugh at that now I get it this is my new life sober life.


"6th Time's a Charm!"

I have been to treatment and drug rehab is consistently over the last eight years of my life. I would always complete a program graduate and then pretty quickly after words relapse. Each relapse got worse and worse and my mother kept spending her money to put me in the treatment centers. I started working with Roman two years ago and he was my counselor on two separate occasions. But like always I left treatment with no plan of action and relapsed. I started working with Roman about seven months ago as my coach and now I’m coming up on 10 months sober and finally feeling like I can get my life back. When I was always missing was the support after leaving treatment. He never gave up on me always believed in me and now I believe in myself.


I can get my Life Back

I absolutely love sober life. I just finished detox and was getting ready to leave my Residential when I started looking for IOP. I had already been to nearly every center in San Diego and knew what to expect. I knew I needed something different but didn’t know where to look. That’s when I saw Roman and Brian on Instagram. I thought they were doing and what they were creating and I knew what I needed to go there. Their passion and fire for life was motivating and I called them. I’m so glad that I did. Sober life is exactly what I needed. They helped me to figure out what I want in life and got me excited about the future. Today I have a freedom that I have never known before and it’s thanks to what they are doing here. If you need treatment and you are tired of the same type of places, hit these guys up.


Exactly What I Needed

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