Sober Life and HealthyU Family Program

In order to be supportive of your loved one, you need to be supported by professionals.

Strengthen communication and connection with loved ones struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Video: Welcome to the Family Program

Introducing our Family Program

For family members or support persons of past or current clients of Sober Life.

Live a healthier, happier life with better boundaries and be part of a community that understands what you’re going through. Create healthy habits around a sober life and find the support you need long-term.

family program sober life and healthyu

Get the support you need without leaving home

A Weekly Online Meeting

Every Tuesday night from 6-8 pm

family program

We know how difficult it is to be there when someone you love struggles with addiction issues, substance use disorder, or mental illness.

Let us help you unburden your mind, gain insight, and offer some tools to help you cope.

You have an important job; your loved ones have a better chance of long-term recovery when surrounded by a strong support network.


This is separate from the family therapy sessions included in the Sober Life and HealthyU recovery programs; this is additional support for family members or support persons only, and clients will never be in attendance.

We encourage you to take this time for yourself to take an honest inventory of how you’re feeling and ask any questions you have in a safe, confidential environment.

Addiction and Mental Health are family diseases and affect everyone involved, not just the individual suffering- please accept this free additional help so we can give our loved ones, and yourself, the best chance at a healthy, happier life.

This Program Provides:


Weekly, ongoing support with a structured 8-week curriculum

Healthy living situation

From the convenience of your home

Supportive relationships

For relatives and support persons, only

Communication Skills
Speak your mind with people who understand
Reduce relapse risk

Be better able to deal with life’s challenges


Learn how to care for yourself and your loved one

Here’s what one of our first participants said about the program:

“Even though I have already completed one full session of 8 modules, I keep going to the Family Support Group. I feel that every time I attend, it’s a totally different session. It has helped me tremendously in many ways. Meeting all different parents with the same issues as my family has helped me be less judgmental and learn more acceptance and ways to cope and act. Ashley R. is an amazing therapist and a wonderful person. Thank you for this opportunity to find some way of healing during this long process.”

Join us for free and experience the value of learning healthy coping skills.

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