Domestic Abuse Treatment in San Diego

Conflict is not an uncommon or necessary unhealthy part of life and relationships. As noted in Social Development, healthy relationship conflict can provide opportunities to increase self-expression and understanding and build interpersonal collaboration skills. However, as the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) states, domestic abuse, also known as domestic violence and intimate partner violence (IPV), is a pattern of abusive behavior used to gain or maintain power and control over another person. Therefore, seeking support with domestic abuse treatment can help you learn to recognize abuse, disconnect from unhealthy relationships, and build healthy connections.

At Sober Life, we know it is difficult to reach out for support, especially about your close relationships. The harm of domestic abuse is often complicated by the abuser being a family member or an intimate romantic partner. Therefore, it is challenging to address the reality that your relationship is unhealthy. However, with affordable and flexible domestic abuse treatment, you can learn how to dismantle harmful relationships as you build a healthier you.

Addressing Domestic Abuse Challenges

Unaddressed domestic abuse can have a profoundly devastating impact on your physical and psychological well-being. Constant exposure to different forms of abuse impairs your ability to function and fractures healthy relationships with others. Domestic abuse can leave you feeling isolated and hopeless as your physical, emotional, and mental health decreases. Moreover, domestic abuse envelops your entire life and leaves no space to set and achieve life goals or find fulfillment.

Listed below are examples of distress that can come with unaddressed domestic abuse:

  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor self-esteem and self-worth
  • Impede other relationships
  • Health issues
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Substance use disorder (SUD)

The emotional distress domestic abuse causes can leave you feeling scared, alone, and overwhelmed. Domestic abuse is particularly distressing if domestic abuse has been a common feature of your life. If you were repeatedly exposed to domestic violence as a child, you are more likely to perceive violence as a normal part of life.

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Finding Domestic Abuse Treatment at Sober Life

The thought of dismantling your relationship can be difficult when the abuser is someone you love. When you love someone, you try to make excuses and/or ignore the reality of the harm they have caused. Thus, domestic abuse treatment is designed to help you recognize abuse and build mutually supportive relationships for your well-being. At Sober Life, we believe long-term healing with domestic abuse treatment is born in a comprehensive and holistic approach to care.

Through a holistic approach to domestic abuse treatment, we focus on providing service-oriented and resilience-based care that addresses your individual experiences. With our HealthyU program, you can work in partnership with masters-level clinicians to build an individualized domestic abuse treatment plan to support your specific needs for healing.

Discovering Your Path to Healing

Access to holistic and customizable domestic abuse treatment can give you the tools to heal in mind, body, and spirit. With a polymodal approach to domestic abuse treatment, you can address how your specific experiences and relationship dynamics to find your unique healing path. At Sober Life, we offer whole-person care that supports different paths to healing with mental health and addiction recovery. There is no one right path for healing, so you deserve domestic abuse treatment that meets you where you are on your journey toward long-term health and well-being.

Mental Health Recovery Approach

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), domestic violence can have a wide range of physical and mental health effects. Whether you have experienced physical, sexual, or psychological abuse, any form of abuse can take a toll on your well-being. Some of the ways domestic abuse can impede your mental health include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

Moreover, there are several different forms of abuse that may be more difficult to recognize as harmful compared to physical and sexual abuse. Other forms of abuse can include economic, technological, and emotional abuse, which is sometimes used interchangeably with psychological abuse. Even common forms of abuse, like physical and sexual abuse, can be difficult to recognize as harmful when you grow up around these behavior patterns.

If you are unable to recognize abuse in your life, it becomes more difficult to see the impact it has on your mental health. You may develop unhealthy coping skills to deal with the distress that known and unknown domestic abuse causes. In your distress, you may seek relief by self-medicating with substances, which increases your risk for SUD.

Some of the treatment options we offer through our HealthyU program include:

  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Hybrid IOP
    • Virtual group IOP
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Veteran IOP
  • Holistic activities
    • Yoga

Our HealthyU program is designed to provide affordable and individualized domestic abuse treatment to address the roots of your unhealthy relationships.

Addiction Recovery Approach

As the Center for Court Innovation notes, substance abuse does not cause domestic abuse, but they are often deeply intertwined with each other. While some abusers abuse substances like alcohol, SUD can also have a negative impact on the abused as well. The distress you experience from domestic abuse increases your risk for SUD in several different ways. Whether you seek substances to deal with potential physical pain and or psychological distress from domestic abuse, self-medicating can lead to SUD.

Moreover, difficulties with SUD increase the risk of exposure to domestic violence as your judgment becomes further impaired. Self-medicating creates a cycle of abuse and self-destructive patterns that further increase distress. Thus, at Sober Life, we offer paths to healing in mental health and addiction to address the co-occurring challenges of abuse with domestic abuse treatment:

  • Outpatient detoxification
  • PHP
  • IOP
  • Virtual IOP (VIOP)
  • Adolescent IOP
  • Veteran IOP
  • Aftercare programs

With a holistic approach to healing, you can find the support you need to dismantle maladaptive coping patterns and foster healthier connections.

Benefits of Domestic Abuse Treatment in a Healing Setting

Conflict in relationships should not make you feel less than, choiceless, voiceless, or scared for your life. Healthy conflict and relationships are based on mutual respect and love, communication, and accountability. In mutually supportive relationships, there is space to learn and grow together as your close interpersonal relationships act as a source of support through the happy, sad, and stressful moments in life. Domestic abuse leaves you walking on eggshells and is a source of pain, isolation, and fear.

Therefore, you deserve domestic abuse treatment that gives you the tools and first-hand contact with a community committed to mutual connection and support. At Sober Life, we have fostered a recovery community where connection and healing meet. Our casual and vibrant vibe here in Downtown San Diego is built on our commitment to compassionate and service-oriented support to help you thrive in the real world. With domestic abuse treatment here in the Little Italy district, you can find a supportive community where you are not alone on your journey to living your best life.

Addressing the Importance of Domestic Abuse Treatment

Reaching out for support with domestic abuse can feel daunting, especially because abusers are often romantic partners and family members. In addition, growing up in and around abuse can disrupt your ability to recognize abusive behavior patterns in your life. Therefore, your early experiences and public perception can increase myths and misconceptions about what domestic abuse is and who can be impacted by it. The myths and misconceptions about domestic abuse may convince you that seeking support is not possible or pointless.

Listed below are some myths, misconceptions, and realities of domestic abuse:

  • Myths
    • Only women are abused
    • You can easily leave the relationship
    • Only low-income and minority communities experience abuse
  • Facts
    • Can happen to anyone regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation
    • Abuse is about manipulation and control, which can include control over basic needs for independence like finances and housing
    • Can happen at any level of society regardless of social, economic, racial, or cultural background

When left unaddressed, domestic abuse impedes your physical and mental health. Moreover, your ability to be productive at work or school and pursue goals for your life is disrupted. If your ability to function without fear is impaired, it decreases your life satisfaction. Thus, you deserve domestic abuse treatment that gives you the opportunity to dismantle unhealthy coping and relationship patterns for your long-term healing.

While it may be scary, we know the strength is in you to reach out and take that first step toward living your best life.

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