Get Help With Our Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program in San Diego

HealthyU helps individuals on the road to wellness by providing a high level of care and support with our Mental Heath Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).


Ease Into Your Transition with PHP

Our Partial Hospitalization Program in San Diego is the highest level of care we offer at our facility. It is ideal for clients who are nearing a point where they would need to be hospitalized and would like to avoid that or for those who have just completed inpatient treatment and are looking for the next transitional step. Our intensive PHP therapy-based program is 5 days a week for six hours a day. PHP programming provides many of the same benefits of Residential care by facilitating group and individual therapy for most of the day all while staying in the comfort of your own home or supportive housing program. 

When patients are discharged from residential treatment centers, we recommend continuing Partial Hospitalization services to ensure lasting success. Without follow up and accountability, many clients fall victim and revert to old behavior followed by an inevitable regress of symptoms. PHP can help combat this set back and keep you on track.

PHP at HealthyU and Sober Life usually lasts around 30 days. After the program is complete, clients move down to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Is PHP Right For Me?

We are here to help you navigate treatment options and decide what kind of treatment would be most beneficial for you.
Our Partial Hospitalization Programs are ideal for:

Ages 18+


Those looking for treatment that is a step down from a residential or inpatient treatment program with 24-hour supervision


Those who need local community support when transitioning out of inpatient hospitals or crisis houses


Those in need of an intensive treatment schedule with the flexibility of maintaining life’s obligations


Helping clients rebuild personal lives and living at home or supportive housing with opportunities to keep or find a job and repair affected relationships with family or friends

Benefits of PHP

Affordable treatment without paying for costly inpatient stays

Regular interactions with health professionals to keep you on track

Easier transition into everyday life

Psychiatric evaluation and continued medication management throughout the program

Individualized therapy and counseling

Option to maintain a part-time job or school

Video Testimonials from former patients

Our Approach

When it comes to mental health and wellness, no two patients are alike. Therefore, our treatment approach is not the same. We provide customized care depending on the client and their individual needs in order to best assist them in fulfilling their vision and goals.
Our program includes:


Polymodal treatment methods. We utilize a number of modalities based on the curriculum and needs of the group


Heavy emphasis on individual and family therapy with Alumni support indefinitely after graduation


Psychiatry and medication management is included in the program for no extra cost

Ready To Get Help?

If you’re ready to start your journey HealthyU in San Diego, California — we’d like to talk to you about how we can help. We have a high rate of success with our PHP program and we’re confident that we can design a treatment plan that will meet your needs.

There’s no need to continue on in patterns of instability any longer. With the right professional support, you can live the balance healthy life you deserve.

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