How Can A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Improve Your Mental Health?

7 Jun, 2023
Partial Hospitalization Program

Learn more about our PHP Program (Partial Hospitalization Program).

What is PHO therapy?

PHP treatment is an outpatient rehab program requiring patients to come into the facility every weekday for several hours. It’s considered the most intense form of outpatient rehabilitation available in San Diego.

Intenstive treatment is important if the patient is going to do an inpatient program. It’s a great treatment option for individuals who require extended periods of recovery after an injury, relapse, or mental illness. PHP is a type of drug rehab program that generally offers shorter stays, so it’s a convenient option if a short stay is important to you (the average length of stay is between 7 and 21 days) or if it’s the best step to take before entering treatment in a residential setting. It can also help determine if inpatient treatment programs will be necessary or not following your PHP mental health or drug rehabilitation.

Once you finish treatment, you will likely continue to receive outpatient services after leaving our facility [learn more about our Sober Life Alumni Group here]. Essentially we offer clients a safe place to live while working toward recovery. We focus on empowering you and teaching you how to deal with addiction and mental health recovery in the real world, outside the safety of an inpatient program. We even have a strong, growing community of alumni members to help you on your journey to life-long recovery.

PHP Treatment Components

The treatment process begins with a thorough assessment of the person’s needs. This involves identifying problems, goals, strengths, values, motivations, and life experiences. Once the client’s profile is complete, the therapist develops an action plan and level of care based on the information gathered. The next step is to determine whether the client requires individual counseling, group counseling or both. Individual therapy sessions focuses on one problem area, while group counseling addresses multiple issues simultaneously. Private sessions allow the client and counselor to discuss the underlying causes and trigger factors of substance abuse that are specific to each individual. In addition, private sessions give the patient and his/her family the opportunity to address the root cause of addiction. Together, they identify the necessary changes needed to break the cycle of relapse. Group therapy allows the client and his/her family to learn about the effects of drug use on the family unit. They gain insight into the role that family plays in the recovery process. Through group therapy, clients become aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with loved ones. Family therapy helps clients understand how familial dynamics influence their lives. By understanding the impact of family systems on their behavior, clients develop strategies to deal with stressors in the home environment.

Benefits of a PHP mental health program

A Partial hospitalization program offers patients an alternative to traditional inpatient treatment and residential treatments. These programs allow patients to receive care while still living in the real world, allowing them to continue their daily activities without interruptions. This form of therapy is often used to help patients recover from substance abuse problems, such as addiction to alcohol or drugs. PHP is less expensive than both an inpatient treatment program or any residential program. PHP offers lower costs because it does not require large amounts of space or resources. In addition, PHP requires fewer medical professionals than inpatient or residential.

Patients who attend a PHP are allowed to enjoy all the comforts of home while receiving treatment, including family members and friends. Because PHP therapy allows patients to live at home, it allows them to spend time with their loved ones during sessions. Because PHP therapy provides clinical care during the entire session, patients do not have to worry about missing appointments. They can focus on recovery rather than worrying about being late or forgetting important dates. Finally, PHP therapy allows patients who have recently transitioned from inpatient treatment to begin attending PHP sessions. PHP allows patients to transition smoothly into the next phase of their recovery process.

Who Benefits Most from Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP), like those offered by Sober Life, provide intensive outpatient programs for substance abuse problems. They are designed to help people recover faster and reduce relapse rates. PHPs are typically shorter than traditional residential rehab programs, lasting anywhere from 10 days to 90 days.

Veterans can also benefit from Partial Hospitalization whether they are active or inactive. We have programs at Sober life that specialize in mental health support for people who have been in the US military service. These programs provide a comprehensive approach, combining therapeutic interventions and peer support, creating a conducive environment for veterans to navigate and overcome the complexities of post-service mental health issues.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are particularly beneficial for individuals with bipolar disorder, people detoxing from drugs or alcohol, or other diagnosed mental health conditions as they provide intensive, structured support to address the fluctuating nature of the condition while still living life in the real world.

Kaiser PHP at Sober Life

A Kaiser PHP Program is a type of Partial Hospitalization Program that provides intensive treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. The program requires participants to spend four to six hours per day, five days a week, in a specialized facility. Patients are provided with medical care, counseling services, support groups, and other resources needed to help them achieve their recovery goals. During the program, patients learn how to manage cravings, develop coping skills, improve social relationships, and maintain sobriety. This type of program is ideal for those who need intensive therapy but don’t require 24/7 supervision.

How long is a PHP Program?

Patients attend group therapy sessions twice per week, individual counseling once weekly, and participate in 12-step meetings three times per week. A PHP rehab center is usually considered appropriate for people who do not meet the criteria for inpatient, such as having co-occurring disorders, being too unstable to travel safely to an inpatient facility, or needing 24/7 supervision. People who receive PHP are often able to return to work within one month of discharge. A study published in 2017 found that PHP patients had lower relapse rates than those treated in traditional inpatient facilities. This suggests that PHP could benefit people who struggle with maintaining long-term abstinence. These rehab centers are intended for patients who don’t want to commit to long-term treatment or can manage their recovery without constant monitering. PHP is also a good alternative for those who cannot afford residential rehab.

Who is a Good Candidate for PHP Mental Health?

A person must meet certain criteria to qualify for PHP. They must be 18 years old or older, live within 50 miles of the facility, have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder or a mental health disorder, and have no history of involuntary commitment. Additionally, the individual must have access to transportation and financial resources.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) play a crucial role in addressing mental health challenges faced by men, who are often diagnosed less frequently than women due to societal expectations limiting the free expression of emotions. Men, conditioned by traditional gender norms, may find it challenging to openly discuss their struggles. Because men are more likely to die by suicide, these programs become vital in offering comprehensive care, equipping them with coping mechanisms and emotional tools to navigate life’s challenges.

There are many different kinds of PHP programs available. Some rehab facilities focus on one specific type of drug while others treat multiple substances. The primary purpose of PHP is to reduce the risk of relapse. When a patient uses this approach, they receive pretty intensive therapy. During the course of treatment, patients learn how to manage cravings and cope with triggers. They also receive medical services, counseling regarding coping skills, and learning ways to maintain sobriety once they return home. Patients who participate in PHP often report improved moods, increased energy levels, and decreased feelings of depression. Many participants say they feel like they’re starting over again and that they’ve learned how to better handle stressful situations. When considering whether PHP is right for you, it’s important to consider your personal situation and if you need a highly individualized treatment plan. If you have a history of relapsing, PHP has some risks. You’ll likely experience withdrawal symptoms during the initial weeks. Your doctor will work closely with you to ensure you don’t develop a serious medical condition.

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A partial hospitalization program is one of the best ways to recover from addiction. You can do it yourself, but most people don’t know where to start. If you’re ready to get help, we’ve got some tips to ensure you find the best place for your needs. If you’re someone who needs a little help on your journey to sobriety, a partial hospitalization program might be right for you. Listen, everyone struggles with something, and there’s no shame in reaching out for guidance. Are you looking for a PHP in San Diego, CA? If so, we’re here for you. Our clinic offers a variety of services to help you get on the right track, and we can help you look into the insurance coverage or payment plans. We even offer virtual outpatient options as well. If you have any questions, call us at 619-304-3014 or contact us on our website. We look forward to assisting you.

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