VA Mental Health and Drug Rehab For Veterans.

HealthyVet is a program of Sober Life Recovery Solutions and HealthyU Behavioral Health which are part of the VA’s Community Care Network.Our evidence-based PHP and IOP programs for Mental Health and Substance Abuse are certified by California’s Department of Healthcare Services and accredited by the Joint Commision on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. We have a contract to serve veterans through the VA’s CCN. These veterans have healthcare benefits through the VA. This is a different category of Veterans from non-service connected Retirees of the US Armed Forces who we also work with through Tricare and Managed Health Network. It is an honor to be recognized by TriWest Health Alliance as a qualified provider. These contracts are typically awarded to high-performing providers in the area. 

understanding ptsd treatment for combat veterans

theThis program is for Veterans, by Veterans

Sober Life and HealthyU have veteran representation on their small board of owners. We are locally owned and operated by highly experienced Clinicians. We are a highly specialized clinic that typically employs 20-30 people. Some of our senior leadership and owners that are Veterans are:

  • Deomel Soriano, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, US Army Reserve Officer
  • John Moisant, Chief Marketing Officer, US Coast Guard Veteran
  • Ryan Bolt, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, US Army Veteran
  • Jason Yniguez,Clinical Therapist -Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, US Army Veteran

We invested a large portion of time and effort to build this program. We provided military cultural training to our non-veteran team members that was facilitated by Courage To Call. We are active members of the San Diego Veterans Coalition and their Physical and Emotional Health Action Group. Our goals are to help reintegrate veterans into the community, improve their personal relationships, and make sure they know that their struggles are treatable. Too many veterans and active duty service members are succumbing to their struggles, never getting the opportunity to see the other side of the pain. We are committed to helping these members find peace and fulfillment in their lives.

US army veteran with depression

We can treat a wide spectrum of behavioral health issues for Veterans

  • PTSD
  • MST
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bi-Polar
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • A multitude of Mood and Thought Disorders
  • Substance or Alcohol Abuse or Dependence
  • Issues stemming from separation
  • Problems with family units or support networks

What are VA CCN Services? How do Veterans qualify?

The VA Community Care Network consists of a full spectrum of clinical and medical groups that can help fill gaps for healthcare services that the VA may have or in cases where they need help due to capacity issues. The VA does a great job offering a full scope of services but may have issues with waitlist or accessibility. Our Partial Hospitalization Program means veterans can get treated while continuing to work and live at home.

veteran recovered from mental health issues

Some reasons the VA or CCN may approve your treatment or referral to a contracted outside provider are:

the development of ptsd in veterans
  • Veteran needs a service that is not available at the VA
  • Veteran resides in a US state or territory without a full-service VA medical facility.
  • Veteran qualifies under the “Grandfather” provision meaning: Veteran was eligible under the 40-mile distance criteria under the Veterans Choice Program on the day before the VA Mission Act was enacted into law (June 6, 2018) and; Veteran continues to reside in location that would qualify them under the criterion.
  • Veterans must meet specific access standards for average drive time or appointment wait times. The designated access criteria are not based on a Veteran’s preferred location, but instead are based on the wait times and average drive times to any VA facility that provides the service Needed. Average drive time to specific VA medical facility: – 30 minute average drive time for primary care, mental health, and non-institutional extended care services (including adult day health care). – 60-minute average drive time for specialty care.
  • Appointment wait time at specific VA medical facility: -20 days for primary care, mental health care, and non-institutional extended care services, unless the veteran agrees to a later date in consultation with their VA health care provider. -38 days for specialty care from the date of request, unless the Veteran agrees to a later date in consultation with their VA health care provider.
  • Veteran and their referring clinician agree that it is in the Veteran’s best medical interest to be referred to a community provider.
  • Veteran needs care from a VA medical service line that VA determines is not providing care that complies with VA’s quality standards.

The BOTTOM LINE: The veteran needs to be referred by their primary care doctor or their psychiatric team.

Our Services for Veterans

Come see what high quality behavioral health care really is. Reach out today to speak with an admissions member that can help guide you through the process.

Remember that if you haven’t started your referral process through the VA, this may take some time and effort on the veterans part. If you are seeking out our HealthyVet program, you will need to be assessed at the VA. If you have a primary care physician or psychiatrist you can go through them with your request.

us army veteran in therapy session
group therapy sessions veterans

You can also go to the mental health urgent care clinic or assigned alcohol and drug treatment program at your VA and see if they have immediate openings. If you get referred to CCN, alert them to our program at Sober Life Recovery Solutions.

We look forward to welcoming our veterans in San Diego and beyond to our programs. We know there is hope for everyone if they are given the opportunity to seek and receive treatment.

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