Living Clean! 7 Awesome Reasons for Getting Sober

8 Dec, 2020
getting sober

With an estimated 15 million Americans suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder, having an unhealthy relationship with drinking can feel very normalized. Binge drinking is more common than ever, and alcohol is seen as the social gateway to being confident and feeling good about yourself.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

It’s very possible to be a fulfilled, engaging person without using alcohol as a social or emotional crutch. If you’ve been thinking about getting sober, it might just be the best decision you ever made.

The pros of being sober outweigh those of drinking, and these sobriety benefits can prove it.

1. No More Hangovers

The worst part of drinking usually comes the next morning.

People suffer from hangovers in varying degrees of severity. Some people feel a little rough but can go about their day with no major issues; others are confined to their bed for the next twenty-four hours, wishing they’d never indulged in the first place.

One thing’s for sure, though. After a night of binging, everyone feels the aftermath one way or another.

Waking up in the morning when you haven’t had any alcohol the night before feels refreshing and relieving. There’s no sickness and no concern about any texts you sent the night before in a drunken haze.

You have a clear mind, ready to go about your day unburdened by headaches, nausea, and anxiety. What could be better?

2. You’ll Save Money

One of the best reasons to get sober is the financial benefit. The average American household spends $565 on alcohol every year, with many spending far more.

Imagine what you could do with that money if it weren’t spent on alcohol.

Drinking is not a cheap hobby. Drinking in bars is more expensive than drinking at home, but either way, the dollars are going to rack up quickly.

If you need some motivation to live a sober life, calculating how much you’ve spent on alcohol over the past year might just be the reality check you need. It’s almost guaranteed to be more than you might think.

3. You’ll Be More Present

The issue with drinking is that it takes you out of the moment. Although you might feel like it makes you more engaging in a social situation, it actually does the exact opposite and takes you away from the night.

Even if you have the best night ever, the memories will be hazy, and you may have conversations you don’t remember at all.

Talking to someone who’s drunk can make you feel like they’re not sincere or not truly paying attention. Value the time of your loved ones by being in the moment as much as possible.

4. It’s Safer

One of the true downsides of alcohol is that it impairs your judgment — badly. You may find yourself doing things you would never expect of your sober self, such as getting into a fight with a friend or jumping behind the wheel of a car you can’t safely operate.

Even if you consider yourself a responsible drinker, everyone has those nights when they do something unexpected that they later regret.

So why be sober? It’s just safer in general. You won’t have to worry about making impaired judgment calls because nothing will be impairing you.

5. You Won’t Get Distracted From Your Goals

Alcohol can truly mess with your concentration when it comes to your career or your hobbies. Projects can get put aside in favor of going out for a night of drinking or get delayed because your hangover simply isn’t allowing you to be productive.

It can even get you in trouble at work, especially if you have to call out.

By giving up alcohol entirely, you can focus on what really matters. Get ahead at work. Get that project done you’ve always wanted to complete.

Guaranteed, the sense of fulfillment will be more than the liquor could ever give you.

6. You Can Look Out For Your Friends

When you’re asking yourself, “Why get sober?”, other people shouldn’t be top of the list. Ultimately, everyone is their own responsibility, and you should worry about yourself before focusing on anyone else.

However, once you’re comfortable with being sober, being able to look out for your friends is an undeniable advantage. In a group, if everyone is drunk, no one is there to make sure everyone gets home safely or make good judgment calls.

By being someone who is sober — and happy being so — you can look out for your friends should something go wrong.

7. Your Physical Health Will Improve

It’s undeniable that it’s a huge health risk to drink. Alcohol can lead to many physical problems, including:

  • Alcohol poisoning
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Weakened immune system

There’s also the issue of the mental health problems it can cause. Alcohol is a depressant, so for those who suffer from anxiety and depression, it can worsen those issues.

Leaving it alone entirely and getting sober means that your health will dramatically improve, and you’ll be at far less risk for a lot of issues.

Getting Sober May Be the Best Choice You Ever Make

Getting sober may not be easy. Many people exist in a friend group that could make things difficult because there’s peer pressure to drink. Some people believe they can’t be confident in a social situation without it or that they need it to be happy.

It’s not true. There’s help available if you need it, and you can do this. You’ll feel all the better for it when you’re living your best sober life with a clear mind and more disposable income than you’re used to!

For recovery solutions to suit your needs, contact us today, and we can help.

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