Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

8 Sep, 2021
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pexels marcus aurelius 6787202

In society, a great deal of importance is placed on caring and showing compassion for others, and although it is important to be kind to others, it’s also important to be kind to yourself. One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to practice self-care.

Self-Care or Selfish? 

Self-care is not synonymous with being selfish. Instead, self-care means that you are taking care of yourself to be the healthiest version of yourself. When you practice self-care, you are helping yourself become a better mom, dad, student, child–literally every aspect of your being can improve when you make self-care a priority.

Adding self-care into your daily regimen should never be confused with being selfish or self-centered. Many people feel as though they just don’t have the time to add self-care into their daily regimen. Their plates are already full, and it just seems like an inconvenience to take time to do something like yoga, a nap, or a day at the salon.

You are not an inconvenience, and making time for yourself should never be viewed as an inconvenience — your mind and body matter. In order for you to thrive, you need to take breaks, indulge in activities that bring you energy (both mentally and physically), or go to talk therapy.

What Are The Benefits of Self-Care?

Self-care is a great way to help people cope with daily stressors like work stress, home life, or commuter traffic. If you have a history of constantly caring for others while forgetting to care for yourself, this can cause stress, resentment, and other negative emotions. It’s also not healthy for your mind, body, or soul. You can’t be there for your loved ones if you’re running yourself into complete exhaustion. You need to take the time to do something nice for yourself, recharge, and reinitiate those energy levels!

A study conducted by the Journal of Psychosomatic Research illustrated that when a person adds self-care to their daily regimen, they can reduce stress, decrease the chance of mental and physical ailment, increase productivity in all aspects of their life, and inspire positive emotions. When you prioritize your mental and physical health, you can approach life with a clear, happy mind while promoting healthy brain function.

What Does Self-Care Look Like?

Self-care looks different for every person, but it includes everything related to staying physically and mentally healthy. This could mean:

  • Taking care of your personal hygiene
  • Fueling your body with the right nutrition
  • Seeking medical care as needed

When a person engages in a step that improves their mental and physical well-being, it helps to manage their stressors in life. Here are a few more examples of self-care:

Unplug. Society today is part of an age where most are glued to a device. Although social platforms like Instagram and Facebook can bring satisfaction, they can also negatively affect a person’s well-being. These types of platforms can create false realities. They can promote unhealthy body images or cause people to compare themselves to others. Take the time to break away from social media. Follow accounts that truly inspire you and that don’t cause you to feel negative about yourself.

Set Boundaries. One of the best things you can do for your well-being is to set boundaries in your life and stick to them. One of the easiest (and hardest) things you can do to set a boundary is to learn how to say no. At work, at home, in your relationships, know your limits. Delegate things at work, divide household chores or identify a day where you take a step back from everything and just be.

Eat Balanced Meals. Food fuels your body and mind. Food is essential for life, and there are plenty of healthy and whole foods that support healthy growth and happiness. When you consume healthy portions of nutritional food, you fuel your body with the tools it needs to thrive. Furthermore, take the time to sit and enjoy your meal. Treat yourself to extended mealtime and a chance to thoroughly enjoy your meal with someone you love or by yourself.

Treat Yourself. Treating yourself can look different for you than for others, and that’s okay. Treating yourself could mean a trip somewhere, even if it’s just to a mall or favorite shop. This could also mean a gym membership, a run around the block, enjoying indulgent food you don’t get often, or even getting lost in your favorite series. Taking the time to enjoy what matters most to you is a treat that you deserve.

Practicing self-care should be a priority for each of us. Sometimes we feel as though we do not have the time or the means or that it is selfish if we do something for ourselves. None of this is true. When we practice self-care, we are helping ourselves be our best versions — both mentally and physically. If you or someone you love needs help with self-care methods, reach out to the Sober Life team. Don’t feel like you have the time to make yourself a priority? We get that, and we are here to help you at any time. We have a caring and compassionate team eager to help you become the best version of yourself. At Sober Life, we can also provide virtual assistance. Don’t wait any longer. You deserve to live a life with no too little stress. Call Sober Life Recovery Solutions today at (619) 542-9542.

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