The Power of Kindness

11 Aug, 2020
The Power of Kindness

Kindness is powerful. Unfortunately, not everyone operates with kindness as one of their focal points. If the world was a bit kinder, so much would be better. When we think of kindness, we often think of how we treat others. While this is a necessary part of kindness, how we treat ourselves also matters.

We are often so harsh on ourselves that we tear ourselves down for the fear of being perceived as self-indulgent. When we talk about the power of kindness, remind yourself that how you treat yourself matters just as much as how you treat those around you.

Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated

Treat others the way you want to be treated is a phrase that is often taught in preschool and kindergarten. We teach our young children that kindness matters. However, the way we act and react to those in the world around us often conflicts with what we teach children.

The world would be such a kinder and more gentle place if we adhered to the same rules we expect our children to follow. However, it’s not always this black and white. There are layers upon layers of gray. We — sometimes unknowingly — project our problems onto other people.

We may not be feeling so great, and that shows in how we treat others. We may cut someone off in a hurry or say something harsher than normal because we are in a bad mood. This can easily become an issue when we are hiding behind our computer screens and forget there is a real person on the other end.

Before you make that rash decision, ask yourself the following question: would I like it if someone did this to me? If the answer is no, rethink what you’re about to do. Treating others with disrespect isn’t going to make you feel better. It only makes everyone else feel worse. If you are struggling and thinking about lashing out, take a step back and treat yourself with some kindness first. It can go a long way.

Start with Yourself

Before you cut someone off or say something rude, take a step back and take a deep breath. Think about how you are going to feel about yourself if you do this unkind thing. You will probably regret being so mean, because it didn’t improve the situation at all. Instead of being rude to someone else, show yourself that kindness two-fold.

We are often taught as children to not be so self-indulgent. Unfortunately, many people grow up thinking that showing kindness and confidence in yourself means you are selfish. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you aren’t showing yourself the kindness you deserve, you probably are not going to be showing others the kindness they deserve. Kindness to others starts with kindness to yourself.

Small Acts of Kindness

Kindness doesn’t equate to grand gestures. It’s about pressing pause, stepping back, and realizing that you can be softer and gentler with others, ultimately making their day just a bit brighter. Small acts of kindness add up in big ways. You don’t always have to put together a large surprise to show your kindness and appreciation to others.

In fact, it’s often the small things that make people the most happy. Small things are often simpler, but show that you are extremely thoughtful. This is what people want to see. The kinder you are with the little things, the more naturally kindness will flow from you.

This can be as small as holding the door for someone who has their hands full or genuinely thanking someone for helping you out. When you do these things for others, try to also think about how you can do these things for yourself. Start by reminding yourself that you are worthy of kindness. Be a bit gentler with yourself when you can. These things go a long way.

Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battle

It’s important to remember the old saying, everyone is fighting their own battle that you know nothing about. They may be going through an extremely difficult time. By simply being kind to them, you could be making their day. Another thing to think about when contemplating kindness is the way you are showing yourself to the world. If someone sees you treating yourself with kindness during difficult moments, you are setting a good example for them.

They may then think twice about being so harsh with themselves. Showing yourself and the world around you the kindness you deserve can make impacts on people that you didn’t even know were possible. Remind yourself of the fact that everyone is fighting their own difficult battle. Take this opportunity to spread kindness to those around you.

Sober Life wants to help you harness the power of kindness in your recovery. If you are struggling with your sobriety or don’t even know where to begin, give us a call today at (619) 542-9542. Kindness is just as important with yourself as it is with others. We want to talk with you and provide you with the help you need and deserve. Show yourself some kindness by reaching out for help. You won’t be disappointed by the services that we have to offer. Addiction is a difficult battle to be fighting alone. Set a good example for others who are also struggling from addiction. Call our trained and experienced staff now. We can’t wait to speak with you.

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