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Sober Life offers compassionate short-term in-depth outpatient rehab and addiction treatment programs in San Diego to help you on your way to recovery.

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We are committed to providing intensive, individualized care that helps you get and stay sober. Why? Because at Sober Life Recovery Solutions, we care. We care about your well-being. We care about the struggle you are going through and the incredible work you are doing to stay clean. We care about you overcoming this, and we want to do everything in our power to help you do so. We care, but most importantly, we get results.

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The Next Step

Our Outpatient rehab program in San Diego is meant to be the next step in your recovery journey, after Intensive Outpatient Programs.

When you are ready for the next step we will be there, along with your family and friends, to help you make it.

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Sober Life Outpatient Addiction Programs

What is Outpatient Rehab for Drug and Alcohol in San Diego all about?

Outpatient treatment in San Diego is a therapy-based, non-residential addiction treatment in San Diego that is unlike an inpatient program where you have to stay in a facility for addiction recovery. This addiction treatment type doesn’t require you to stay at a rehab center for a certain period of time. Instead, you can continue living at home while attending therapy sessions at set schedules.

OP treatment in San Diego can take place at a hospital clinic, a mental health clinic, a counselor’s office, or another facility. Sessions entail counseling or group therapy where participants learn coping mechanisms and how to recognize their triggers. The time your outpatient therapy takes depends on your individualized treatment plan.

Benefits of Using an Outpatient Rehab in San Diego

Outpatient rehab programs in San Diego provide those with substance use disorders the chance to maintain normalcy in their lives. One of the best benefits is being able to retain employment or training while attending outpatient therapy treatment. Some programs have evening hours for individuals who work or study days, and of course, you can also attend outpatient rehab during the day as well.

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) include group sessions and one-on-one therapy as well as other counseling forms like life skills. This type of treatment is best for those with stable conditions and is more affordable than inpatient addiction care. Not only does IOP allow participants to stay home with family and maintain important social connections, but it also keeps their medical treatment private while focusing on recovery. It helps improve physical and mental health while teaching you ways to handle stress. There may be certain activities involved, such as massages, yoga, and exercise programs.

Sober Life Outpatient Addiction Programs
Sober Life Outpatient Addiction Programs

How Outpatient Rehab Programs Work

Outpatient clients usually already attended inpatient rehab and are trying to maintain normalcy as another stage of the recovery process. These participants go through practically the same treatment forms as inpatient clinics provide. The only real difference between inpatient and outpatient therapy is the time you spend at the rehab facility since outpatient treatment allows you to go home after each session. An inpatient client might stay at a treatment facility anywhere from 30 days to 180 days, where outpatient clients can leave after their session is complete and maintain their daily routines.

During your initial visit as an outpatient, your counselor will discuss your options with you and develop an individualized plan that includes group therapy and/or individual sessions. Our outpatient addiction therapy is part-time and consists of 1 to 3 weekly sessions.

Part-Time Involvement With Full-Time Results

We get it. You want to be sober, but you also want to keep living your life. That is why our Outpatient Rehab Program is part-time, only requiring you to come in 1-3 days a week. That way you can still continue to work, take care of your family, attend school, or whatever other commitments you have. The program was designed to conform around your schedule, fully being personalized to your life and your needs.

Video Testimonials from former patients

Recovery Is Not an Event, It’s a Process

Our outpatient rehab program in San Diego helps men and women who are at least 18 years old continue to stay sober by teaching them how to maintain their sobriety and a healthy lifestyle in general, and how to deal with mental health issues that are impacting them and their family.

We even offer help for teens struggling with addiction in our special Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program so your child can continue with life and schooling. 

Our services offer necessary continued support to patients to make sure that they fully recover.

Once clients have finished our IOP program we strongly suggest they enroll in OP rehab.

Clients come in 2-3 days a week for 1-1.5 months for individual, group, and family therapy. It enables them to stay in touch with our incredible treatment team and allows them time to adjust to their new sober lifestyle.

The Best Outpatient Rehab in the Greater San Diego, CA Area

“Sober Life is exactly what I needed. They helped me to figure out what I want in life and got me excited about the future. Today I have a freedom that I have never known before and it’s thanks to what they are doing here. If you need treatment and you are tired of the same type of places, hit these guys up”

Let Us Help You Recover Faster

At Sober Life, we provide the best individualized, compassionate and intensive care outpatient addiction programs to help you get sober and stay sober. Our counselors are experts in addiction recovery who care about your well-being. We understand your struggles and the work you are putting into staying clean and want to help make the recovery process easier on you and faster. Get on the path to recovery today.
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