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by | Sep 23, 2020 | Addiction

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There’s a common misconception that asking for help means you’re weak. If you don’t ask for help, however, you will not get the help you need. Asking for help allows you to use a different aspect of yourself that you may not usually use. You’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable, courageous, and resilient.

Expressing your needs in a healthy way is a huge part of your recovery from substance use or co-occurring mental illnesses. Furthermore, asking for help gives you the opportunity to see the best in others. Having a support system is vital in your recovery. If you are thinking of getting help for your addiction, look into what we offer at Sober Life. We can help you get the help you need.

If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Receive

Many of us avoid asking for help because we don’t want to burden others. During these times, it’s important to remember that the members of your support system are there for you because they want to help you. It might feel uncomfortable or awkward to ask for help, but your friends and loved ones will be glad to support you when you need it.

They don’t want to see you struggle. Another thing that many people do is wait until they are in dire need of help before asking for it. Not only does this leave you feeling poorly, but it also puts extra strain on your support system. It’s important for you to have the self-awareness to be able to reach out when you see the first signs of distress. Your feelings are valid and you deserve to receive help when you are struggling.

You’re Not Weak

We understand the misconception that asking for help can equate to weakness because independence is seen as a strength. Unfortunately, this leads many people to believe that needing help translates to a weakness. Every single one of us, however, experiences times where need some type of help.

This doesn’t make us weak, it makes us human. It can be difficult to open up and reach out for the outstretched hand that we need, but it’s important to realize that trying to do it all on your own can hold you back. There are times when you can do things on your own, and times where you cannot.

The same goes for other people. Perhaps you are used to being the support system for other people and you are having trouble viewing yourself in a position of needing help. It isn’t as scary as you think, though. Accepting help from people who care about you can help you strengthen your relationships and build intimacy.

Vulnerability is necessary for growth in many areas of your recovery. Take that leap of faith and let go of the notion that asking for help means that you are weak. It takes a strong person to admit that they can no longer do it all on their own. You’re not weak at all; you’re simply a human.

Let Go of Expectations

We all have various expectations about ourselves that we think we can use to push ourselves to make us better, which actually ends up holding us back. Having so many expectations for yourself can limit the effectiveness of your recovery. You might get caught up focusing on one expectation that you forget about the rest of your well-being.

For example, you may be so focused on meeting goals for your physical health that your emotional health begins to suffer. You may be improving physically, but you may find yourself neglecting self-care that keeps you feeling good emotionally. It’s important to have realistic goals that you set for yourself.

However, you must put these goals into perspective. How is this one goal going to impact all of your other goals? Can you feasibly reach this goal while also nurturing other aspects of your recovery? Letting go of unrealistic expectations helps you focus on what is really important.

Don’t Go Through It Alone

You may also have the expectation that you can do everything on your own. You may have prided yourself on your inner strength in the past, so you expect that to continue in your recovery. While maintaining your independence and cultivating your inner strength is important, you also must know when you can no longer do something on your own.

This doesn’t mean you are weak or broken. It means you are human, just like everyone else. Letting go of the expectation that you must do it all by yourself is necessary for growth in your recovery. No one in recovery gets any better by only relying on themselves. Everyone has someone who has helps them along the way. Let Sober Life help you.

Asking for Help

If you aren’t used to asking for help, you may struggle with what to say. We encourage you to not let this fear of saying the wrong thing keep you from getting what you need. To ask for help, you must let your guard down. Lower your strong exterior and allow others to see you for who you truly are. There is no shame in being vulnerable.

Let the people you trust know the true extent to which you are struggling. When asking for help, it’s important to let others know what you need. If you don’t know exactly what you need, tell them that. Ask for their love and understanding through this difficult time. Don’t let your fear of being vulnerable keep you from receiving the care you need.

Sober Life is here to help you get the help you need in your recovery from substance use. Call us today at (619) 542-9542. We can’t wait to speak with you and get you the help you need today.


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