Luxury Addiction Treatment

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Luxury Addiction Treatment

Luxury addiction treatment creates a supportive environment around the programs striving to get you back to a healthy and productive lifestyle. There is no need to tackle addiction alone or in the bleak confines of a traditional therapy office. The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, located in beautiful Scottsdale, provides an atmosphere conducive to recovery.

Can I cure my addiction?

Addiction is a mental health issue. As such, there is no complete cure capable of completely eradicating your cravings. Instead, patients learn to cope with cravings and triggers in a meaningful and productive way. We replace learned thoughts and behaviors with new ones.

Cognitive therapy is at the heart of addiction treatment. This form of therapy is proven to work on a variety of issues ranging from severe mental problems to addiction and even Tinnitus. Therapists find the root cause of your behavior and tackle the negative thoughts and actions causing you to relapse.

Different forms of therapy offer extensive care for your issues. This includes inpatient care, detox, and outpatient care. Combined we strive to help you avoid a relapse.

How can luxury addiction treatment help me?

Environment matters. Educators and addiction counselors alike understand the need to create an atmosphere conducive to success. Bleak walls and uncomfortable equipment create more problems than they solve. Education Week, studying learning at all ages, found a significant lack of success in more white-washed traditional settings.

Our facilities promote learning and help members cope. Group sessions do not happen in the high school gymnasium or church basement. Instead, we provide a nurturing and relaxing situation where you can tackle your problems in the stunning Southwestern dessert.

We understand the need to detoxify as an initial step to a successful recovery. Our comfortable setting treats individuals with the respect and dignity that their situation deserves. Located in a homely setting with an artificial oasis, we release the pain of withdrawal in part through the environment.

Is luxury treatment expensive?

Treatment, in general, comes at a cost. Typical programs cost between $10000 and $60000. However, this expense pales in comparison to that of allowing your addiction to remain untreated.

Every year abusers of alcohol spend $3000 on beer alone with harder drugs and liquor taking up a more significant portion of a shrinking income. Legal and health bills are sure to follow with kidney disease, frustration, depression, anger, brain damage, and liver degeneration directly correlated to abuse.

Our clinic takes many forms of insurance to help lighten the cost. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, TriCare, and many other plans. Coverage typically includes medication, detox, and therapy.

Addiction Recovery in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center offers luxury facilities for those suffering from the effects of addiction. There is no reason to allow your issue to take control of your life with definitively detrimental impacts on health and well-being.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the problems of addiction, we are ready to help. Get in touch with our experts today to get on the road to recovery.

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Luxury Addiction Treatment Luxury Addiction Treatment Luxury Addiction Treatment