IOP Programs San Diego

IOP Programs San Diego

IOP Programs San Diego

When looking into IOP programs in San Diego, consider taking a closer look at SoberLife. We offer several comprehensive options in continued recovery that allow you to maintain your focus on home life while staying connected with a strong support system. We’ll provide flexible treatment that can enable you to continue going to school, work at your place of employment, and live your life without interrupting relationships.

Why Choose IOP?

The benefits of staying engaged in treatment after residential care are too numerous to list. Recovery professionals state the highest levels of success in treatment are seen from patients who are open to aftercare and ongoing recovery programs- we’ve seen that to be the case as well at SoberLife. Our schedules are flexible to allow more patients to take part in what we have to offer.

Verify Your Insurance Benefits

If you have insurance, you can check over our website to see if you qualify for coverage at SoberLife. Our treatment center accepts most PPO insurance plans; in fact, we handle the processing for you or your family member from start to finish. Just fill out the brief form on our website, and we’ll do all the legwork.

The SoberLife Advantage

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 35, you can get the help you need to maintain sobriety while getting back to life at home. Whether you’re just coming out of residential treatment or have been out for some time and feel that getting connected with support again would be of benefit to you, we welcome you to our treatment center with open arms. We’d like the chance to sit down with you and evaluate your needs to determine whether our partial hospitalization program would be a better fit for you prior to signing up in one of our IOP programs in San Diego.

Check Out Our Blog

Our SoberLife blog is called Sober Collective and is an excellent place to start when looking into our services. There, you’ll learn more about our core objectives in providing treatment, and discover the advantages of being a part of our family. If you like what you see or wish to learn more, make a call to a SoberLife treatment specialist with your list of questions- we look forward to serving you!

Fellowship Leads to Success

Becoming part of a community of like-minded people who are on the same road that you’re traveling on can make a huge difference in how you process the next phase of recovery. Our approach includes a strong emphasis on individual and family therapy, personalized care to help you achieve your goals, and experiential exercises that lead to breaking chains of old behaviors.

Make SoberLife party of your new life and continue your journey to lifelong freedom from addiction in one of our IOP programs in San Diego. We are conveniently located and flexible in what we offer to ensure there’s a program that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

IOP Programs San Diego
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IOP Programs San Diego IOP Programs San Diego IOP Programs San Diego