Inpatient Addiction Treatment

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

If you have a relative struggling with substance addiction, you need to get them into our inpatient addiction treatment fast. At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we know that every minute counts; the longer you wait, the worse their condition gets.

How to help an addicted relative?

The most effective way of helping them is staging an intervention today. The problem with addiction is that it takes away the victim’s ability to reason and make the right decisions for themselves. So, you must take over and make those decisions for them. Setting up an intervention as fast as possible will allow you to talk to the addict in a safe, controlled, calm environment.

Our expert interventionist will be present during the intervention to calm the waters, steer the discussion in the right direction, and deal with the addict’s manipulative behavior. Many victims of addiction will resort to finger-pointing, victimizing, denial, and diversions to avoid facing reality. It is a normal reaction that will only work in their detriment, which is why you need our help to counter it.

Beginning the inpatient rehab

The first procedure in the rehabilitation process is the preliminary assessment-and-diagnosis procedure. This is when our clinician will draw your medical profile, extracting data about your medical history, current physical and mental status, information about your addiction, etc. With this data in hand, the rehabilitation treatment will begin the same day.

We use a holistic approach to the rehab process, which means we use a multi-disciplinary system to address the roots of the problem. Our inpatient addiction treatment consists of a variety of clinical and experiential procedures, including:

  • Medical detoxification and stabilization
  • Nutritional and physical fitness improvements
  • Behavioral therapies and emotional trauma healing
  • Family counseling and support
  • Preventing long-term relapse through education and behavioral conditioning
  • Teaching valuable life skills for career development and reaching your life goals, etc.

Does inpatient rehab work?

The inpatient rehab program is the most effective when it comes to dealing with advanced forms of substance addiction. It allows our experts to monitor your status permanently since you will remain at our facility for the entire duration of the treatment. At our center, we will offer you a comfortable, peaceful, luxurious environment where you can heal and meditate on your life and the new path to take.

Following the inpatient program, you will enter a sober living setting, along with IOP shortly after, allowing you to accommodate with the newly gained independence. With our help, you will become more confident, optimistic, and determined to retake full control of your life.

The importance of early rehab treatment

The earlier the treatment, the faster the results. We advise you to talk to one of our experts today, stage an intervention for your loved one, and get them to join our inpatient addiction treatment asap! Left untreated, their addiction will have a tremendous impact on your family soon.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is a leading authority in the field of substance rehabilitation programs. Your future will be in good hands with us.  

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Inpatient Addiction Treatment Inpatient Addiction Treatment Inpatient Addiction Treatment