Alcohol Rehab San Diego

Alcohol Rehab San Diego

Alcohol Rehab San Diego

If you or someone you know is struggling with the effects of alcoholism, then you already understand the tremendous weight that comes with this terrible disease. As with most other types of illnesses, there is a comprehensive treatment plan to help you cope with the disease and bring it to a manageable level. Sober Life is an innovative and progressive Alcohol Rehab in San Diego that has assisted thousands of young adults to conquer their addiction to alcohol and go on to enjoy a happy and healthy future.

About Us

Sober Life is recognized for providing successful, cutting-edge Alcohol Rehab in San Diego and throughout the entire state. We offer unique and contemporary therapy methods and approaches which have shown dramatic results over the last several years. We understand the devastation that alcoholism presented not only to the addict but their family members and loved one, too. Addiction to alcohol is a long road to have to walk alone, which is why we stress the importance of bringing the entire family into the treatment.

With decades of combined experience and education, our experienced medical staff understands the specific measures that work best to treat alcoholism in young adults. We also realize that all addicts have their own circumstances and needs, which is why we create a treatment plan based on your specific requirements. Our primary objective is to work together as a team, with other patients, along with family members to ensure a long and prosperous life of robust and lasting sobriety.

Outpatient Services

Sober Life provides different levels of outpatient Alcohol Rehab in San Diego for young adults who are trying to win-over their battle with alcohol addiction. Our most intensive program is a comprehensive treatment system that usually continues for several hours per day, as often as five days a week. This allows the patient a more structured method, while still allowing them to go on with their daily lives, including their education, their family lives, and their employment obligations.

We refer to this treatment method as our Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program, and it’s designed to assist those who have just finished going through the detox part of the recovery. Once the patient completes this part of the recovery process, they are ready to move on to the next stage of therapy. We stress the importance of having a complete support system intact for your recovery to be lasting and successful. We have found that patients who continue with each stage of recovery see the best results.

At Sober Life, we are more than just the standard rehab center because we offer a complete recovery program within a caring and understanding community. We have the experience, know-how and personal knowledge of what it takes to enjoy a happy, sober life. We strive to give every addict the opportunity to enter our facility and take advantage of the treatment programs that have helped so many young adults overcome their fears and their addiction.

Alcohol Rehab San Diego
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Alcohol Rehab San Diego Alcohol Rehab San Diego Alcohol Rehab San Diego