Virtual Outpatient Treatment With Flexible Scheduling

In response to the growing need for virtual services, we have officially launched a Virtual Out-Patient Program for California residents. 

Virtual Outpatient Program Description

Our Virtual Outpatient Program is an Intensive Outpatient Program. The duration of the program is 3-5 days a week, for three hours a day. The amount of time is based on the patient’s needs.

This is a step down from PHP

Virtual Outpatient Program Focus

Sober Lifes’ Virtual Outpatient Programs focus on intensive out-patient treatment. Enrolment is currently open to all qualified  California residents.

Why is an Outpatient Program essential to a successful healthy recovery?

Upon discharge, residential treatment centers recommend continuing care to ensure success. Without follow up and accountability to stay on track many clients fall victim to receding back to the old behavior, which often results in an inevitable relapse.

How can Virtual Outpatient Programs help with recovery?

Many people do not have the luxury of taking months off from life to enroll in a residential treatment program. That is why we provide virtual intensive outpatient services. Although Sober Life recovery Solutions is centrally located in downtown in San Diego, virtual IOP enrollment is open to all California residents. This means a successful recovery can be achieved virtually before going to work or school. This allows you to maintain your life’s responsibilities while participating in a successful recovery treatment program. Virtual IOP is truly a win in the battle against addiction and mental health challenges.


How long does it take to graduate from an outpatient program or IOP?

Virtual Outpatient Programs vary based on the need of the individual. We typically recommend about 90 days or 3 months before moving down to an out-patient program or (OP).

Who is IOP for?

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 18 +
  • Step down from PHP
  • Support when getting out of inpatient rehab, which
    allows greater access to the community.
  • Designed to help clients rebuild personal lives, support while living at home, and/or in a sober living home. With opportunities to keep or find a job, this enables the ability to obtain support from the local community and repair affected relationships with family or friends.
  • People who have jobs, relationships or are in school.

Our Approach

  • Individualized care to assist our clients in reaching their vision and goals.
  • Highly experiential exercises that produce reflective and enlightened emotional responses leading to breakthroughs in limiting beliefs and old behavior.
  • Heavy emphasis on individual and family therapy.