Live and Direct. 

10: Conscious Recovery

World renown author and world changer, TJ Woodward comes to the studio today all the way from the San Francisco Bay Area to spread a message. He wrote a book called “Conscience Recovery” and in it he breaks down a unique and stylistic approach to getting and staying...

9: Salvation of Others

Legendary Pro Skater Dennis Martinez is legit. He comes on to the show and talks about growing up in the Dogtown days of skating. The real old school nitty gritty days of skate culture. His story of recovery is amazing and inspiring to young men.

8: Getting Fit & What Not

Fitness guru and online influencer Natalie Jill comes on to a special episode which includes only Roman this week. With Bryan out of town we break down eating disorders, compulsive eating and other addictions. She gives us the low down on fitness and nutrition.

7: Let Me Testify

Our client Christopher Biegar Comes on and shares his experience in working with us and the benefits of having stable, long term aftercare. He drops a lot of knowledge and takes us on a journey through early recovery and aftercare.

6: What’s The Deal With CBD?

Whoa, i know, i know, CBD? Really? Yes! We want to open the conversation up about CBD and what the controversy is. Joshua T. Berglan comes on and discusses the healing qualities on non psychoactive CBD and how it is the next big thing in medicine and treatment of...

5: Transformation Happens

You may have heard of Jenna Phillips Ballard, if not then you are in for a real treat. She truly is one of a kind and is on a mission to change the world by transformation. What is transformation? Well in this episode she will give you the answers and so much more!

4: Why A Sober Life Is A Great Life

Adam Tyler, who is a high school teacher and sober member comes in and teaches us about the literature of recovery. He breaks down his experience in working through a 12 step support group and the benefits that go with that.

3: Success in Sobriety

Keith Martinez is our guest on this dope podcast. He talks about the harsh realities of drug addiction and the dark places that it takes addicts. He overcomes homelessness and prison to become successful businessman who is a mentor for others in early sobriety.

2: Meditation & Being The Change

This episode we have a very special guest, Forrest Lang. He is a combat veteran who has been on the frontline of the battle with addiction as well as PTSD. He discusses his experience using meditation as a tool to heal.

1: Sober Life Podcast Intro

This is our first episode of the sober life audio experience. On here we introduce Bryan and Roman to the audience. We dive into a little bit of the story of these two as the set up the context for the show. Bryan and Roman Share a bit about their past.

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